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Long-term strategic cooperation
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Simultaneous interpreter in grant raising

How we work?

During the first personal meeting we discuss the short- and long-term project plans and grant ideas in detail, get informed about the possibilities, capacities and resources of the company.

The first step: Determining directions, identifying needs and possibilities

During the first personal meeting we discuss the short- and long-term project plans and grant ideas in detail, get informed about the possibilities, capacities and resources of the company. Subsequently, we give the client detailed information on the current grant constructions and the ones opening or being called in the near future and that might contribute to realizing the ideas. Then we discuss the general criteria of grant construction. Our goal is that the client should be well-informed about all details to make the decisions on which grant construction to apply for. 

Special client management: grant call monitoring focusing on the interests of our partner

When we focus on one or more special aims or projects, we carry out targeted grant call monitoring to find calls appropriate to the conception of the company and optimal for its project. As soon as the right grant call turns up, we contact our partner. 

In case we have contracted for strategic partnership - complex or multiple projects are planned -, and if we can plan for years ahead, in a strategy - because the company is eligible for more grant calls at the same time -, then we draw up an optional list of grant constructions and make a grant strategy plan following the first coordination meeting.

The recommended and selected grant constructions with their pros and cons are discussed in detail during personal grant consulting, finally we draw up a priority list of the grant constructions. After one or more coordination meetings we devise a longer-term application strategy and start the preparatory work accordingly. As a result of the cooperation, the clients get profoundly informed about their grant possibilities so that we together can select the most appropriate grant calls for them. 

Thinking together: the preparatory phase of the project requires most exceptional attention 

In this phase the project and the selected grant call must be harmonized in all aspects and to the last detail. In case of a high budget or specific EKD project we previously check the conception with the grant intermediary to further increase the chances to succeed. After the call opening our first task is to process the grant construction documentation, to discuss the important items with our clients and their possible consortial partners. After harmonizing the application criteria and project conception, we pre-assess the project according to the grant call. 

The basis of our cooperation is that we prepare the company for the participation in the selected grant construction to the last detail and answer all questions that might come up. If required, we offer help to involve other legal persons in the project as well, or establish consortial cooperations.

Tasks in the course of compiling the grant application documentation 

Compiling the grant application documentation means to us not merely writing the application forms: we continuously coordinate all phases of the project with the grant construction and the persons involved in the project.

In all aspects coming up in the course of compiling we mediate and coordinate between the client and the grant intermediary. We also represent the project and the applicant with the grant intermediary organization.

In the course of compiling we considerably undertake the full-range coordination of the participants’ activities (data collection, clarification, check-ups, continuous feedback). We prepare the project cash-flow, which is a specific representation of the financial liquidity during implementation, in relation to financial disbursement. We also assist in editing various materials and documents needed. It is our responsibility to fully compile and submit the application documentation to deadline (see: Our guarantees), but we can only fulfil it in close cooperation with the applicant. 

We also perform the corrective activities after submitting the application, but it is only possible maintaining the same attitude.

If your application is a success

Following a successful application, during implementation our company participates in project implementation, that way we can guarantee the complete disbursement of the required grant.

Our comprehensive project management service differs from that of other grant consulting companies in the fact that we prepare for all accounting processes at the very beginning of the project and continuously monitor the implementation of the project components, provide constant financial and professional control, so the company is able to prepare for the accountings in time and avoid the possible risks.

After winning at the application we recommend a personal professional coordination meeting where, together with the participants, we can discuss the tasks undertaken in the project, cost scheduling, the obligations, criteria and their documentation, therefore the colleagues and partners of the client can start the implementation having a comprehensive knowledge about them.

We take part in all phases of project implementation, prepare for submitting in time, make cash-flow analysis and indicate the time and amount of resources to draw down, and when we can see risks. We give advice on the amount and target of budget transfer, the need for change notification or contract modification in a way that the process of grant disbursement does not stop – and we also perform these tasks to deadline. In the meantime we are in contact with not only our clients but also with the intermediary organizations and the directing authorities, and all the participants of the implementation. 

Our results are reflected by the fact that our partners are our regular clients from all over Hungary, whose projects we follow from the first step, the preparation, through the implementation, to the end of the sustainment period. Also, we have a number of clients whose applications were not compiled by our company but as they had difficulties in implementation, they contacted us on recommendation and asked for our help to disburse the grant they won. The projects we have followed so far have been completely disbursed.  


There are some questions that arise for all "beginner" applicants – these FAQs and our answers you can read below